Identity Design

Your logo and identity is the first visual device your audience is exposed to. We fit this to the vision of our client to build the groundwork for coherent communication.
We create a visual language that will help you get closer to your client, from your logo to your full corporate identity guideline, from your business card to your interior design decoration, from your corporate or personal branding to your advertising campaign style guide. After research, we make your corporation and products recognisable through graphics, colors, typography and other visual elements.
We manage your visual identity on the long term.
We put a human face on your product.


We build a brand using your corporation and your product. We know that to create a brand it’s not enough to have a good product, it also needs a brand identity, a brand name, and verbal brand communication that are all in sync with each other. We examine the market, we assess the marketable values, and by emphasizing them we help you stand out in the crowd, make the product or message desirable and thus help you connect to your audience. We make the values visible in the market and make the continuous publications consistent.
We give a form to your communication.

Strategic Consulting

We contribute to uncovering the values of your corporation that could create an advantage for you, and could differentiate you from your competition in the marketplace. We bring the visual and verbal communication in sync, we help find the voice to talk to your customers, form and target your message. We harmonize the company’s internal and external communication.
We develop the the corporation’s or product’s toolkit of visual communication.
If needed we help reposition the company or product in the marketplace.
We expose the values.



How we became

The Kream Studio was established by graphic designer Robert Karpati, after 15 years of freelancing. He earned his art degrees at the Budai Art School, and the Hungarian University of Fine Arts.

He passionately loves and is active in the business of corporate identity design, be it small scale identity, or a full scale corporate identity. It’s important for him to think in systematic terms, the direct connection with the client, the creation of the best possible product, with artistic quality.

He’s in love with typography and pictograms.

What we love

We do what we love best:
Identity design and brand building is our passion.

It’s not enough for a product or service to be good, it has to look good too.

The client’s job is to create a good product, and provide a good service, our job is to help sell it and to synchronize the product and the visuals as best as possible, not matter the target market.

We assess the market positioning of the product, together we build a strategy and accordingly we design a brand. We create a functional, timeless identity.

Our goal is to make sure the product brings the highest possible profits, and the client to become a long term partner. We build a close relationship with our clients, follow their activity, and give special attention to them.

Who are ‘we’?

The task of creating the identity of a product is a responsibility we share with our client. The design process doesn’t start with pen and paper, but with a discussion. This is why our cooperation is strong. The client must know that this is a common task, we must start the research together, to come up with the strategy, to create the identity, and to establish the brand.

Everybody must put in their best into the process, we must know the vision of the company or product, but we must understand and respect each other’s specialization in order to achieve the best result.

Using the studio’s freelance network we can provide a wide variety of services.

We bring the visual expertise.

Who else?

Identity design doesn’t with providing you the identity guidelines, we help you with the best execution too.

We’ll find the tools and techniques, which will allow you to bring out the best from the designs.

Among our partners, we have printing professionals, web developers, copywriters, photographers, marketing gurus, advertising and PR professional, interior architects and designers, psychologists, legal experts, and copyright lawyers.

If you need we can find the right expert in any area.

We love the challenge

Naturally, we don’t just do corporate identity, we love everything that is related to graphic design, be it packaging design, web design, collaterals, publications, book covers, typesetting, and other design work.


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